Digital Rebar v3 - Provision

Digital Rebar is the open, fast and simple data center provisioning and control scaffolding designed with a cloud native architecture.

Continuous Integration

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Our extensible stand-alone DHCP/PXE/IPXE service has minimal overhead so it can be installed and provisioning in under 5 minutes on a laptop, RPi or switch. From there, users can add custom or pre-packaged workflows for full life-cycle automation using our API and CLI or a community UX.

A cloud native bare metal approach provides API-driven infrastructure-as-code automation without locking you into a specific hardware platform, operating system or configuration model.

For physical infrastructure provisioning, Digital Rebar replaces Cobbler, Foreman, MaaS or similar with the added bonus of being able to include simple control workflows for RAID, IPMI and BIOS configuration. We also provide event driven actions via websockets API and a simple plug-in model. By design, Digital Rebar is not opinionated about scripting tools so you can mix and match Chef, Puppet, Ansible, SaltStack and even Bash.

See current release page for version and information.. We have frequent releases (2 to 4 week cycles).

Getting Started


At a Glance

Our mission is to embrace the heterogenous nature of data center operations while eliminating complexity and manual steps.

The principle motivation for Digital Rebar is to collaborate on a technology that revolutionizes how traditional data center infrastructure operations can gracefully absorb next-generation workloads without churn and additional technological complexity. Digital Rebar capability enables upgrade and continuous deployment automation which is important for large scale, production-scale deployments of evolving complex technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos, Cloud Foundry, OpenStack, and Ceph.

Digital Rebar is a production-ready open implementation that can be designed to reliably deployed in large-scale, multi-site datacenters. This effectively productizes best practices in a way that allows creation of consistent and discoverable operating environments. Users benefit with fast time-to-value and the community benefits by having consistent installations across the ecosystem.

Why Rebar? Rebar is the metal in reinforced concrete that allows building cloudscraping towers and robust infrastructure (and more fun facts).

Benefits of Digital Rebar Provision

Digital Rebar reduces the cost of datacenter hardware infrastructure preparation which provide immediate benefits by way of accelerating the deployment of complex compute and storage clusters. Digital Rebar reduces the human resource cost of orchestrating continuous hardware redeployment, hypervisor, operating systems, and application layer software installation and management. All of these add up to significant gains in operational reliability, consistency, and concomitant reduction in defects handling costs.

Project Sponsored by RackN

Digital Rebar is an Apache2 Licensed Project. RackN offers commercial support for Digital Rebar and related content, extensions and intergrations.